by funny bone

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this ep was written in a small suburban bedroom and recorded in a sweaty city closet by a couple 'a friends.


released November 13, 2016

thank you Rob for recording and producing this ep into something i never could have imagined it to be. i couldn't (and probably wouldn't) have done this without you.
thank you Dan for helping so much during the mixing and mastering process.
thank you Jordan for shouting (!!!!!!)
thank you Amanda for helping me with the album artwork.
thank you Chris for supporting me and listening to rough drafts during the writing and recording process.
thank you Mariya for coming home.

and thank -YOU- for listening!



all rights reserved


funnybone Toronto, Ontario

sadder than i let on //

music for adults who used to steal their parents cigarettes and still feel bad about it

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Track Name: Stasis
my melodrama is the root of my artists stasis
if i could go one year without searching for someone to share my space with
maybe then i'd be happy, or at least comfortably lonely
on my own

my mom and dad were always proud of their accomplishments but
as i grew older i stopped being one of them
i went to college, hoping i could solve or
maybe stall the progress of this

oh, i know
that everything i do is an attempt at getting by
oh, i know
that every day feels longer than the last
but i'll still try to stay alive

but if i die tonight please tell your mom i tried my hardest
not to romanticize the eternal plight of sad and dying artists
the broke and heavy hearted
the dead dearly departed
all the same
Track Name: Oconomowoc
your floor is calling my name
i haven't slept more than an hour in several days
i've lost track of the months that i've spent
trying to convince myself that i was on the mend

when you come home from wisconsin will you tell me again
about the days you spent hungover with your hospital friends?

my teeth are falling out of my mouth
and i'm waking up each morning to my personal hell
and i'm scared that you're not coming home
not based on what you say but based solely on your tone

i'm hoping that my ears are just hearing you wrong
and you'll call me back before my teeth are all gone

i'm healing, you're healing
i'm still stealing, but less so now that you're gone.

your house is pretty empty these days
your room is a museum and your bed is in a case
and i hope that when you come home to me
you recognize the person that i have come to be

your mom told me you've cried every day for three weeks
calling home each night with an apology

i'm healing, you're healing
i'm still stealing, but less so now that you're gone.
Track Name: Lilypad
lily, lily pad--
you made the landing,just a little too soon.
we all remember baby's first steps
but now, it's our turn to carry you.

a ghost never seemed so warm before you
a dream never seemed so short before you
Track Name: Forget Each Other
this is hard for me to say but i feel i have some dues to pay
i'll make this quick so we can go about our separate ways

i'm sorry for the things i said when we were coming to an end
you have to understand that i was coming off my meds

and i'm sorry that i wasn't there for you
and i'm sorry that i didn't tell the truth
when you asked me if i still loved you

i'm sorry for the way i slept beside you with my distance kept
you deserved much better than my consistent neglect

and i think the time we've spent apart will do us good and take us far
but only if we put aside each other's broken hearts
if we forget each other, and go back to the start

and i'm sorry that i wasn't there for you
and i'm sorry that i didn't tell the truth
when you asked me if i still loved you

and i'm sorry that i hurt you like i did
and i'm sorry that we weren't a good fit
and we convinced ourselves it was something we could fix

well i'm tired of fixing it.
i'm tired of fixing it.
Track Name: Goodnight, I Guess
goodnight, i guess
i can't tell if you're sleeping
today was a mess
but tomorrow is creeping up,
i see the sun. he says hello.

goodnight, i guess
i can hear you breathing
i don't love you less
i just don't know the feeling so well
come back, it's not so bad